Choosing a fence for your home or business across the Columbus, Georgia area isn’t just about cost or function. We all want the fence that we choose to look great, too! Decorative fencing, like ornamental steel fences, create just such a solution by providing property owners across the region with sleek, durable accents to every space it surrounds. We’ll show you why an ornamental steel fence is the best option out there!


Before we dig into the pros and cons of ornamental steel fencing for Georgia property owners, let’s define what it is.

Is Ornamental Steel Fencing the Same as Wrought Iron Fencing?

When it comes to metal fences, there are a lot of phrases that are thrown around in Columbus, Georgia, and it may be confusing. Is ornamental steel, ornamental iron, and wrought iron all the same? Let’s take a look at it.


To begin with, ornamental steel and ornamental iron fence are just two names that are used interchangeably to describe the same product. Wrought iron fencing, on the other hand, has a few key differences to consider.


Wrought iron fencing is material made of pure iron and crafted into the shapes that create the solid metal fencing used for hundreds of years. It is a more difficult material to mass manufacture and is extremely heavy and prone to rusting. Ornamental steel fencing, or ornamental iron fencing, is made of an alloy that combines carbon with iron, creating a more rust resistant, lighter material that can be crafted by machines or by hand, but in a more efficient manner and therefore, more affordably and on a larger scale of production.


Between the two styles, ornamental steel fencing is a more obvious choice for residents and business owners in the Columbus, Georgia area due to its lower maintenance and rust resistant features as well as a more economical cost.

Pros and Cons of Ornamental Steel Fencing in GA

Columbus, Georgia properties look great when ornamental steel fencing is installed in residential or commercial areas. As with anything, though, there are always advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Ornamental Steel Fences are Attractive

Ornamental steel fencing in Georgia is known for its attractive, sleek look that mimics the classy look of wrought iron. As it suggests right in the name, this style of fencing has many options to choose from to embellish the look and make it a decorative piece for your yard.

Ornamental Steel Fences are Durable

You can’t get much stronger in fencing than steel! The durability of ornamental steel fences is high quality and helps it be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. When coated with the best protective materials, these fences can outlast many other types of fencing. Because it is a stronger material, it can allow larger panels up to 8 feet long, needing less fence posts overall during installation.

Maintenance-Free Ornamental Steel Fences

Georgia property owners are thrilled to install ornamental steel fences for its maintenance-free features. The only tip when it comes to upkeep is to check your fence annually for any damage or parts that may need tightening or other attention.

Security Achieved with Ornamental Steel Fences

The security and design you need for your Columbus, Georgia property can be achieved very well with an ornamental steel fence. You can choose the grade and size of your fence which can impact the level of security you’ll have. Talk to our fence experts to determine the best width of pickets and height of the fence for your unique needs.

Ornamental Steel Fences Are Open

We couldn’t come up with many drawbacks to ornamental steel fencing, but we tried! Although this sort of fence isn’t very effective at providing privacy due to the spacing between each rail or picket, you can get creative with some plants and landscaping to help with that as well, adding a whole new layer of appealing yard designs. 

Ornamental Steel Fences are Not Scratch-Proof

In Georgia, when you have bushes or trees near your ornamental steel fence, beware of any stray branches that can damage the steel with ugly scratches that will need to be repaired. Though very durable and long lasting, steel is susceptible to being damaged with impact and will need to be patched in those cases to keep the protective coating intact.

Customizing Options for Ornamental Steel in GA

Like many other styles of fences, ornamental steel fencing has many customizable features. From height to length to toppers and shapes, many Georgian property owners enjoy choosing specific designs to match their preferences and property appeal. Designs of ornamental steel fencing may also be adapted to any patches of uneven ground to flow naturally with the property line.


Ornamental steel fencing is also able to be sanded, primed and painted to your preference. Most manufacturers create each style of steel fences in a protective coating and painted black to mimic a classic wrought iron look, however, this can be adjusted.


Overall, ornamental steel fencing is a great choice and popular among property owners all across Georgia for both residential fencing and commercial fencing needs.

Discover the Details of Ornamental Steel Fences for Columbus, Georgia 

For more details and information about the ornamental steel fencing you can purchase from Chattahoochee Fence Company, visit our ornamental steel webpage and then check out our photo gallery for more images of fence projects we’ve completed in the Columbus, Georgia area. 

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