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Aluminum Fencing

Superior engineering provides the ultimate in worry-free fencing with an exceptional warranty and maintenance-free care.

Aluminum fencing offers an incredible array of benefits that are simply unmatched by most other fencing alternatives. Not only do they offer an impressive elegant finish to your property, but they are also maintenance free and come with an impressive warranty on both the fencing itself and on the workmanship. That makes aluminum fencing a true "get it and forget it" fence purchase for Georgia residents.

Explore our aluminum fencing options to see if aluminum fencing is right for your Georgia property.

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Common Applications of Aluminum Fencing

Find the best elegant and durable aluminum fencing options with us for your Columbus, Georgia property.

Residential Aluminum Fence - Columbus, Georgia

AluminumResidential Fencing

Coming in two grades and seven standard colors, our aluminum fencing for the Columbus area can help you protect what you love most.

Commercial Aluminum Fence - Columbus, Georgia

AluminumCommercial Fencing

Commercial aluminum fences for Columbus are custom designed at various high-security upgrades and can help meet your specific needs for your property and business.

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Common Ways to use Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing comes in many different styles across the Columbus, Georgia area, but there are a few classic styles ways that are highly popular.

Available in 4', 5' and 6' heights

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Aluminum universal-top Fencing in Columbus, Georgia

Aluminum Universal Top Fence

Aluminum fences give clear visibility, while providing strong barriers for your property.

Aluminum Spear Top Fencing in Columbus, Georgia

Aluminum Spear Top Fence

A classic style that provides an extra level of security.

Aluminum Decorative Fencing in Columbus, Georgia

Aluminum Picket Top Fence

Classic picket top black aluminum fences are an elegant way to decorate your space.

Examples of our Aluminum Fences

Aluminum Fence Project - Columbus Georgia Fence Company
Aluminum Fence Project - Columbus Georgia Fence Company
Aluminum Fence Project - Columbus Georgia Fence Company
Aluminum Fence Project | Columbus Georgia Fence Company
Aluminum Fence Project | Columbus Georgia Fence Company
Aluminum Fence Project | Columbus Georgia Fence Company
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Aluminum fences are a great choice for Georgia homes and businesses. Many people love the elegant look of black aluminum fencing to enhance the look of their property.

Of course, the major reason people choose aluminum fencing in the Columbus, Georgia area is because it stands up to harsh weather wonderfully. Aluminum fences won't fade or rust or rot and they require (essentially) no maintenance other than a squirt with a hose to remove loose dirt and debris from time to time.

Absolutely! Aluminum pool fences are very popular in Columbus, Georgia and the surrounding area.

Aluminum fences do not offer privacy the way a vinyl fence or a wood fence does, so most of our customers in the Columbus area choose to use aluminum fencing to protect and beautify the pool area while protecting the perimeter of their property with either wood or vinyl fencing to provide the privacy many families prefer.

Pricing on all fencing materials can fluctuate, but generally speaking, the up-front cost of aluminum fencing is often higher than other types of fencing. However, because aluminum fencing doesn't rust, or rot, or splinter, and it never needs to be painted or refinished - the total cost of ownership can turn out to be lower over the full life of the fence.

The Columbus, Georgia climate is a major factor when determining the total cost. Wood fencing (for example) will usually be less expensive than aluminum fencing but will require continuous upkeep which will add time and money to the total cost of your fence.

Additionally, many Columbus, Georgia claim that aluminum fencing has a positive impact on the price of their home when/if they sell it down the road.

We use Alumiguard fencing products for all of our aluminum fencing. For details about the company and warranty, you can visit their website here: Alumiguard

Chattahoochee Fence faqs

All of our manufactured aluminum fencing products are made by AlumiGuard at their facilities in Florida and New Jersey. Everything produced is made completely in the USA with high-quality aluminum materials.

To clean, spray your aluminum fencing regularly with water using your garden hose. This helps to eradicate fertilizer chemicals, dirt, and grass clippings, keeping it looking as good as new. In coastal areas, frequent spraying of your aluminum fence panels with water is advised to reduce the buildup of dirt and salt.

If necessary, most basic stains can be cleaned using a simple degreaser, such as simple green, and should be rinsed after applying. For hard water stains, CLR can be used and should be rinsed after applying. Be careful not to use any harsh chemicals with cleaning products on your aluminum fence or any rough materials like steel wool that could possibly cause discoloration or damage to your fence.